Pamela Fay

Hi! I am a former business consultant and, for over three decades, I have written scores of articles, website copy, marketing collateral, presentations and white papers for clients as well as for my own business. 

In addition, I have ghostwritten three business books and even penned a romance novel of my own. 

As a consultant, I accrued experience in a broad range of fields, including marketing, finance, insurance, sales, telecommunications and retail. 

I sadly admit to having published dozens of rather soulless articles for the now defunct Demand Studios (such is the content mill editing process) and have also published an article in Legal Times. 

I am also a trained hypnotherapist and ran a thriving (okay...surviving) practice for five years in Portland, Ore. prior to giving in to my number one passion of writing. 

If you've read this far, you know that I most enjoy telling stories and I love to breathe life into my non-fiction writing through the art of storytelling. My overarching goal is to pull the reader into the piece while matching whatever style or tone may be required.  

I now call New York my stateside home though I am and always will be a Pacific Northwest girl at heart. I currently spend much of the year in the sunny south of Spain. 

Usually, I'm reading five books at once and finishing only the best. I am a prolific writer, a news junkie and I enjoy collecting sea glass and the odd sparkly rock during long walks along the Mediterranean Coast.