Why You Need a Healthcare Advocate When You're Alone and Sick-

Whether it’s been by choice or simply due to circumstances, the solo life suits you. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve been relatively healthy up until now. There’s been the occasional illness, but nothing you couldn’t handle. But what happens when you get sick? Could a Healthcare Advocate help? Being alone and having to deal with the healthcare system can be intimidating. You’re afraid you might not be making the best decisions. Are you interpreting what you hear from your doctor pro

How to Make Healthy Meals for Teens

Healthy eating habits are important for good health. By the time children become teenagers, they may have developed several unhealthy eating habits, including dieting, skipping meals, and heavy consumption of processed meals. Poor eating habits can result in insufficient intake of several key nutrients including vitamin A, iron and calcium. Young teens can be finicky eaters so introduce new foods slowly and sneak them into homemade recipes. A healthier diet may make a difference in your child’s...

How Did Cereal Become a Thing?

Breakfast is the only meal with its own special foods. Although breakfast eaters routinely consume eggs, bacon, bagels, toast, pastries and even leftover pizza, cereal is what we reach for most often. According to a poll by ABC News, 31% of Americans eat cold cereal for breakfast, making it the most popular breakfast choice. It may seem to be simply a habitual choice for American consumers, but there are additional reasons behind cereal’s ever-increasing...

How to Quit Snacking on Salty Stuff

A 1960s Lay’s potato chip ad taunted the chip lover with the slogan: “Betcha can’t eat just one.” If you can stop at one serving, or just a single ounce, you demonstrate better self control than the hard-core chip junkie. According to former-FDA commissioner, Dr. David Kessler, foods like chips, that are high in salt, alter the brain’s chemistry causing us to overeat. And food manufacturers use this knowledge to our detriment. (ref 1). If you want to give up the chip or pretzel munching habit, you’ll have to...