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Under the Influence of Influencer Marketing: How to Protect Yourself

Are you one of the 3.5 billion people worldwide who actively uses social media? Then you may be under the influence. Social media influencers aren’t just pushing the flashiest cellphone cases and the toothpaste with the most sex appeal. They are telling us how to invest our hard-earned dollars, learn a new skill or make thousands through online businesses. By all accounts, we’re listening. Influencer Marketing Is the New Word of Mouth How can you determine who is trying to sell you something a

Internet Safety: How to Decide if Your Social Media Account Should be Public or Private

More than 75 percent of adults are concerned about internet safety. Yet love it or hate it, social media is a nearly non-negotiable part of our lives (how else would we keep up with all of our friends and connections!?). You’re right to be vigilant, but how much social media privacy do you really need to be safe? We live in a world where everything and everyone is online. It seems the whole world is connected. If you don’t have a social media account, you can appear at best out of touch and at

Sex and the Media: It’s Just Parts

An attractive woman with a perfect smokey eye, feathery lashes, and caramel extensions wears a shimmery lace overlay dress exposing a good amount of cleavage and slender legs from several inches above the knee. It’s the perfect outfit for the latest Brooklyn hotspot… if that’s where she’s headed. Instead, she is poised in front of a TV camera delivering the financial news in place of the regular CNN host who normally wears a…