Is Poshmark Safe? Poshmark Scams & Safety Tips to Know | Spokeo

If you like to buy or sell used clothing and accessories, you may already know about the popular online store Poshmark. Poshmark is one of many marketplace sites with over 70 million users where you can buy and sell old clothes for up to 70% off. However, is Poshmark safe? The popular online marketplace is “legit,” so you needn’t worry about the website itself. In fact, the site owners go to great lengths to protect users with a program called Posh Protect. Although you can’t return a purchase

Career Dress Pizzazz for Women

According a 2010 study by the Society for Human Resource Management, just 34% of employers permit casual work attire every day. This represents a drop from 55% in 2002, presumably due to a backlash against terrible career dress habits. With so many career dress style options, employees may find themselves struggling to put together a work-appropriate look. If you are a woman whose career dress style is lacking, it’s time to expand your thinking beyond...

Lose the College Interview Look

Although the trend toward casual business attire began in Silicon Valley, it quickly spread to even the most buttoned-down companies. Suits are still required when you are looking for a job, particularly in financial services or the legal profession. But, in today’s business environment, formal suits are rarely worn by women. Once you pass that final interview, break up that skirted suit and add them back in your wardrobe as more versatile separates. However, for client meetings...