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How to Handle a Lying Boyfriend

You think your boyfriend is lying when he tells you where he's been, who he was with or even what he ate for lunch. Once you hear a single lie, it may be a long time before you believe anything he tells you. Your boyfriend may tell lies to avoid conflict or to spare your feelings, but lying erodes trust. If you catch your boyfriend telling a little white lie, there are ways to handle it. Keep your sanity in check, and know how to move forward. Do not investigate the lie. You will not accomplish

Games for Kids to Play at Baby Showers

Traditionally, baby showers were held only for women expecting their first baby. The etiquette surrounding baby showers has changed, however, and almost anything goes as long as the guest of honor is on board. These days, the shower may include male co-workers and spouses. It may also include the children of guests. You might even host a baby shower where kids are the main guests. For example, the mother-to-be may have older children, nieces and nephews who want to be part of the festivities. Pe